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Case Study: ARAN Research & Development


ARAN is a Research and Development company based in Caesarea. They specialize in developing hardware products and solutions for their customers - from concept and design to developing a prototype, and until tooling and mass production. ARAN developed an electronics cabinet (delivered in two variants) to be fitted onboard marine vessels.


The deliverables for this year-long project included two sets of documents (one for each product variant). These documents incorporated:

  • A system description manual detailing all modules and sub-modules, their interconnectivity and integration
  • A maintenance manual divided into three service levels – field technician, shore technician, and workshop
  • A spare parts catalog


X-Plain’s personnel for this project included a dedicated project manager and a writer, who followed the product’s development process.


The writer interviewed the product engineers, collected drawings, and took pictures while ARAN technicians took the cabinet apart. The project manager was responsible for keeping the project within budget and schedule constraints. He also assisted the writer with template development, consistency across deliverables, and periodical content review.


ARAN’s customers received comprehensive documentation covering every aspect of the electronic cabinets. The new documentation serves the needs of onboard, shore, and workshop technicians, including details about how the system works, maintenance procedures, and information on spare parts.